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Urinary tract Infection (UTI) Common in Kids

 Urinary tract Infection Common in Kids

What is UTI? Urinary tract infection is generally found in kids age 5-9. There is a bacteria in the Human body which flushes out during pee or Urination. But if it stays inside the body than it starts growing in the urinary tract and even can move to the kidney, Urinary bladder, and ureters and cause infection. And because of these two most known and common infections in kids can be found called, kidney infection and bladder infection.
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More information about UTI?

Cystitis is a bladder infection or UTI and pyelonephritis is such an infection of UTI in which the bladder and kidneys are affected. Treatment of this infection can be done by using antibiotics. Complications maybe occur if the infection is not cured on time.
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UTI is becoming more common in kids ;
Unfortunately, it is becoming more common in kids, and the sad thing is parents aren't even aware of the symptoms until it gets severe. Children suffer from it, and as kids are unable to speak and tell their issue it becomes very tough to know the details behind it until it is severe. Parents should dig into the situation to know the actual reason. It is challenging for parents to find out, but if kids show, fussiness, pain while peeing a lot of appetite for fever, parents should take them to the nearest hospital.

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What are the symptoms of UTI? Symptoms can help to find it, ● Burning sensation while peeing ● Smell and yellow urine ● The urgency to pee but when pee, only a few drops come out ● Fever ● Nausea ● Diarrhea

Diagnose A blood test to find Germs in it. Physical examination and samples may be needed and also the medical history to check or diagnose. Possibility of culture test where they put Urine in a dish to examine what kind of Germs are in it. This helps doctors to find an actual reason to treat. And if your kid has a few UTIs than the doctor will recommend you to a kidney specialist.
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Studies ;
May studies or researchers have found that up to two percent of boys and eight percent of girls can get UTI by the age of five. Girls have more certainty and susceptible to get the disease because their urethras are shorter and near to the anus which makes its entry easier in the urethra. Treatments or Cure? Treatment for UTI is very simple, it is done by taking antibiotics and using plenty of water/liquid.
Use clean bathrooms and treat constipation which will help in the reduction of UTIs. Make sure your child finishes the antibiotic course and if they start getting better in the middle do not stop using medicins but reduce the dose. Because if they stop taking antibiotics, then it can make germs more resistant and bacteria can cause other infections. After taking antibiotics, if there is no relief within three days than consult with the doctor.

How to prevent it in the future? As your children grow older, develop their habits to use clean bathrooms, and teach them bathroom ethics. Teach them, it is important when you feel an urge, immediately go to the bathroom and not to hold it. Teach the girls to clean the area from the front and back, by doing this bacteria in poop prevent from entering into the urinary tract and vagina. Kids must drink a lot of water. And make your kids wear cotton undergarments for proper airflow.You should follow these steps to save your children from this disease

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