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Donald Trump's telephone call with King Salman, Saudi Arabia's refusal to accept Israel


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Saudi Arabia's refusal to accept Israel

Following the peace agreement with the United Arab Emirates and Israel, King Salman bin Abdulaziz of Saudi Arabia and US President Donald Trump had a telephone conversation in which they discussed the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. The two leaders discussed the situation in the region, the peace process in Palestine, the Arab-Palestinian peace formula for resolving the Palestinian-Israeli conflict and other issues of mutual interest.

Arab relations with Israel will not return to normal by then Until An independent Palestinian state should not be established. According to the official news agency of Saudi Arabia, King Salman, while talking to the US President on the phone, said that Saudi Arabia wants a just and permanent solution to the Palestinian problem. The Saudi ruler said on the occasion that this condition of resolving the conflict would be the starting point of the Arab peace plan proposed by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The Arabs want to implement the peace formula. The King of Saudi Arabia informed President
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Trump that Saudi Arabia supports US efforts for peace. King Salman bin Abdulaziz spoke about the situation in the region. Praising that Saudi Arabia wants access to a lasting and just solution to the Palestinian problem for peace. He further added that this is the main focus of Saudi efforts in this regard. The key policies to curb the negative effects of the epidemic on the international economy and the United Nations were also reviewed. 

On the occasion, King Salman expressed his determination that Saudi Arabia would work with the G20 countries At the human and economic level, efforts will continue to build solidarity in tackling the effects of the epidemic. 

On the other hand,President Trump has welcomed Saudi Arabia's permission to use Saudi airspace for flights between the United Arab Emirates and Israel, calling it an attempt to find a solution to the Palestinian problem and peace in the region.


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