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Jeff Bizos The World richest person his Net Worth reached to $200 Billion

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 Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos Saw his Net worth, which was above $202 Billion on Wednesday. And According to the Bloomberg billionaires index, he is the first person who crossed the $200 billion thresholds.

  Bill gates were the wealthiest person in the World, but Amazon CEO jeff beat him, and he is now 78 billion richer than Bill gates (Micro-soft co _fiunder), who is now at number two. His success started, and if we see his Wealth, which is mostly in Amazon stock, has increased in recent years along with its shares prices. Bezos is now World's richest man, and in recent studies of 2018, his Wealth climbed above $150 billion. 

Firstly he got the title of the richest man in the World in 2017. Due to the massive demand of consumers of Amazon products, amazon shares hit highs in April. The stock has to rise day by day, with the addition of Hundreds of Billion to its market value, goodwill, and giving investors a gain of more than 86% this year so far. Now it's ranking on first with a worth of 1.7billions making it the first valuable company in the US. Now, Amazon got so much growth due to Pandemic because people turned to online retailers for necessities like face masks, Hand sanitizers, ordering groceries, and many more. 

This demand made Amazon hit revenue of $88.9 billion of dollars basically on coronavirus investments. So it will be worth saying that Bezos' net worth would have hit the $200 billion milestones sooner his divorce news came out with Mackenzie Scott(Who recently changed her last name, showing they are not together anymore) is now ranked 13th on the Billionaire Index, Became one of the wealthiest women while following her divorce when she reserved 4% stake in Amazon which worth of $37 billion with fortune. Her Wealth is now more than $66 billion as of Friday news.

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